Hey, I'm Mythical

Developer and System Administrator, currently residing in Australia.

Working on various projects, ranging from small websites to large scale applications


Curated collection of websites that I've worked on.

BerryByteBerryByte - Landing Page
F4IXF4IX - Landing Page
CrunchbitsCrunchbits - Landing Page
TimanttiColoTimanttiColo - Landing Page
TunnelBroker.servicesTunnelBroker.services - Landing Page
mtr.toolsmtr.tools - Landing Page
kitten.systemskitten.systems - Landing Page
LusoryLusory - Landing Page

Personal projects that I've worked on in my free time.

CattoPicturesSecure ShareX compatible image hosting with fast uploads and extensive embed customization capabilities
fmt2.catA website dedicated to cat5 at the Hurricane Electric Fremont 2 datacenter
SmokeyThe modern looking glass for your networkGitHub

Cumulative experience in various fields.

BerryByte Limitedberrybyte.net
Network and System AdministratorApr 2021 - Present
Lusory Limitedlusory.net
Web Development and DevOpsDec 2022 - Present
Tech Stack

Various tools and technologies that I've worked with.

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